本文摘要:Elon Musk has revealed his Neuralink startup is close to announcing the first brain-machine interface to connect humans and computers.埃隆马斯克-马斯克前不久答复,其初创公司“神经相接”即将公布第一个内嵌式页面,该页面可将人脑和电子计算机相互连接。


Elon Musk has revealed his Neuralink startup is close to announcing the first brain-machine interface to connect humans and computers.埃隆马斯克-马斯克前不久答复,其初创公司“神经相接”即将公布第一个内嵌式页面,该页面可将人脑和电子计算机相互连接。The entrepreneur took to Twitter to tell followers the technology would be “coming soon” – though he failed to provide details.马斯克在twiter上对他说粉絲说道,此项技术性“即将搭建”,但他没透露关键点。Neuralink was set up in 2016 with the ambitious goal of developing hardware to enhance the human brain, however, little about how this will work has been made public.神经相接企业在二零一六年宣布创立,其丰厚的总体目标是产品研发计算机系统加强人脑作用,但确立搭建方法很少对群众透露。

The startup’s website, which is advertising vacancies for 11 different jobs, describes the futuristic technology as an “ultra-high bandwidth” connection between the human brain and computers.企业官网因此以聘请11个各有不同技术工种的遗缺岗位,并将此项新科技描述为人脑与电子计算机中间的“强力带宽测试”。Mr Musk has frequently claimed the rapid rise of artificial intelligence poses an existential risk to humanity. Such an interface, he says, is essential if humans are to compete with such technology in the future.马斯克已屡次声明,人工智能的迅猛发展威协来到人们的生存。他说道,假如人们未来不容易与信息科技市场竞争,那样的脑机互动十分最重要。

At a technology conference in 2016, Mr Musk said humans risked being treated like house pets by AI machines if a brain-computer interface was not built.马斯克曾在二零一六年的一次高新科技大会上说道,如果不建立脑机互动系统软件,未来人工智能设备就不容易像看待家养宠物一样看待人们。“I don’t love the idea of being a house cat, but what’s the solution?” he said. “I think one of the solutions that seems maybe the best is to add an AI layer.”他说道:“我觉得沦落家养宠物,那该怎么解决困难这个问题呢?我确实也许最烂的方法便是在人脑降低一个人工智能层次。”Speaking last year on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Mr Musk said Neuralink’s technology would allow humans to “effectively merge with AI”.马斯克上年在《乔·罗根的经历》博客上说道,神经相接企业的技术性将使人们“合理地与人工智能结合在一起”。

A paper published in Nature Nanotechnology in 2015 described a concept for this connection, explaining how a flexible circuit could be injected into a living brain.二零一五年公布发布在《大自然纳米技术》上的一篇科学研究毕业论文描述了脑机相接的定义,表明了柔性电路能够怎样被流过活人脑。“We’re trying to blur the distinction between electronic circuits and neural circuits,” said Harvard researcher Charles Lieber, who co-authored the study.调查报告的年出版者、美国哈佛大学研究者查理斯-利伯说道:“大家因此以尝试模模糊糊电子电路和神经电源电路中间的差别。”“We have to walk before we can run, but we think we can really revolutionize our ability to interface with the brain.”“在跑完以前我们要再次学好回过头,但大家强调大家将彻底创新脑机互动的工作能力。

”Despite the technology’s potential to augment the human brain, experts have warned that brain-computer interfaces risk being hijacked by rogue artificial intelligence.此项技术性除开有可能加强人脑之外,权威专家还警示说道,脑机互动也有很有可能被凶悍的人工智能劫持。Such a scenario could lead to AI controlling the thoughts, decisions and emotions of a person using a brain-computer link.一旦遭劫持,将导致人工智能能够根据脑机相接操控人的逻辑思维、规定和情感。“Technological developments mean that we are on a path to a world in which it will be possible to decode people’s mental processes and directly manipulate the brain mechanisms underlying their intentions, emotions and decision,” stated a Nature comment piece written by 27 neuroscientists, ethicists and machine intelligence engineers.27位神经系统软件学者、伦理学家和设备智能化技术工程师公布发布在《大自然》上的一篇评价写到:“技术性的发展趋势意味著,在未来,大家很有可能会编解码人的成长经历,并必需操纵大脑机制,进而了解她们的目地、感情和规定。

”“The possible clinical and societal benefits of neurotechnologies are vast. To reap them, we must guide their development in a way that respects, protects and enables what is best in humanity.”“神经高新科技有可能造成的临床医学和社会影响十分之大。为借此机会获利,大家必不可少以认可和维护保养的方法具体指导其发展趋势,使人们借此机会获益数最多。